[Tips] Pubg's tips for beginners & low exp players

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How I play and some tips. To make the task easier, I suggest you align the fuselage and the tail of the plane and then open the map only to plan the descent. • Landing in a large urban center is very risky: even if there are usually better loots it is also extremely easy for other players to have had the same idea. • Sometimes you may want to play a little more heroically and then choose to land in an area with a higher concentration of players. • Always use the indicators on the map and use the cardinal points to communicate with the team, remembering to activate voice chat only on the team channel. • Before starting to collect loot in a building it is advisable to make sure that no one is around. • Higher the level, better the object. • Try to get away from the borders at least a little before they start to shrink. • If you leave an open door you are giving a hint to enemy players, so try to always close them behind your back. If you find an open door probably someone is inside. So caution. • When you are in the open field always move. • The water mirrors are not your enemies, in fact sometimes they are preferable to cross a bridge on which some "Bridge Trolls" could be placed. • From time to time you may find yourself inside an area indicated on the map as a red circle. If you are near a building, run inside to be safe. One hug. MiB

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