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KVK is over now, after 24 hour war all lm players now need rest.(beg/)
This time my and my Guild's kvk was very good. My guild captured Base and Forts in all three enemy kingdoms and thus came 2nd in Guild rank with 891m points and 75 in World Guild rank. My Solo point is around 50m which is the highest in the lm journey, and is ranked 71 in Kingdom Solo Rank.(blush/)
I reinforced the fort-base, gathering and killing the monster in this kvk. This time kvk will be memorable for me.(jump/)(party/)
How was your kvk(confused/)? Please do not forget to Like(good/) the post. Thanks all....(clap/)(salute/)

5000 Points (1000×3+ 500×4) giveaway(wow/)

To participate in the giveaway you have to like, comment and share the post. The winners will be announced on 4 September. Good luck and thanks to all.(wave/)(party/)(cheers/)
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