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As many you must be aware of the tournament going on, we also decided to send out our TPP lineup but due to some reasons 2 of d members were not available so we decided to join them ( as our main lineup is FPP only).

We are playing in Group D (4 groups are there) and we are right now in 1st stage thats Group Qualifiers , top 500 teams will be selected for the next round. Within 5 days we have to play 15 matches out of which best 10 will be considered.

We are playing 3 matches daily and thank god we are doing fine till now.
Our squad formation is : 2 Pure Assaulters (both load-outs) , I play assualt + Sniper role and 4th one is assualt + Sniper or DMR.

We loot at a mild drop like school or rozhok and then after like 40 people ALIVE we start rushing.

If anyone of you out there is also participating in PMIT
Do share your story and strategies of how are you getting more kills with a chickn dinner.

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