My Tenth day in MR - Account Summary.

John Alexander.

Mobile Royale

I really love this game even tho I don't know completely about it. It's also completely underated comparing to Lords. In my opinion it's better than Lord's.

This is the hero I have kept. I don't know what his benefits are but kept him as he was the most leveled up guy.

These are the hero's I have unlocked.

I have upgraded Castle, Barracks and sage tower to 10th level while others are getting upgraded one by one.

Economy Research #1

Economy Research #2

Economy Research #3

Please also suggest which one I should research next.

Warfare #1. I have also unlocked Tier 2.

Player Talents I have just kept it randomly. I have to arrange it in a proper order later.

I have nearly 18000 Troops. Most of them are tier 1 and almost 3000 as Tier 2.

I have completed elite of the first one and the second one in progress.

I don't know whether I did well in ten days as I have only spent a total of 20 hours in this game. It's much easier compared to Lords and interesting too.

I aim to achieve 10m by the 30th day.

Experienced players kindly let me know what I should be doing next in the game, where all I should improve and whether I need to increase my gaming hours.

Thanks in advance.

@AvengingAngel (iOS)

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