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#Guildfest Rewards#
Today Guild Fest is over. Like everyone, I am in a hurry to get a Gift. My guild is in Master Guantlet and came in 3rd Rank with 189,361 points. My Rank 10 in the guild with 2109 points.(blush/)
The gift that I received is in the screenshots below and I also took some Monster Chest which I did not get any good on opening.(sweat/)
Question/Answer(confused/)(confused/)(confused/) {GIVEAWAY 500×14(7000 points)}:-

[Q.1] (confused/)First question, do you think the task refresh time should be 20 to 25 minutes?
[Ans] I think IGG should do the task refresh time 20 to 25 minutes because if there is less time then the player will not have to wait much.

[Q.2](confused/) How can we get into the master gauntlet and stay in the master gauntlet?
[Ans] To reach and stay in the master gauntlet, the guild must make a minimum of 155000 points, depending on the member's cooperation. To open all the 27 tier and get in the top 3 rank, minimum 180000 points are required, for which the members will have to make minimum 1750 points.

[Q.3] (confused/)How can F2P players make minimum 1750 points?
[Ans] It's simple, F2P players can take simple tasks that make it easy to make 1750 points, such as - 178p gathering, 161p gathering, 15*** darknest captain, 201 & 154p DN 19+ ess (if it is possible in your guild), 171p / 155p / 214p tycoon guardian, 168p / 209p labyrinth guardian, 170p familiar exp (elixir), some hell event task (169p, 189p) etc.

[Q.4] (confused/)If you don't have much time to do the task?
[Ans] If you have been able to do less tasks for 4-5 days, then you should wait for the last 2 days because on that day many people have completed their tasks and good tasks are also available on the board.

[Q.5] (confused/)Whether to take a Random task?
[Ans] Take it if you are a P2P player. If you are an F2P player, you can get this task in trouble, there is no guarantee that you will get easy task.
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