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Howdy ladies and gentledudes :) When I started my Lords experience, I had my own guild. We disbanded due to differences and since then I've been drifting.. Now I am ready to start my own family again! I am looking for players who will be willing to join and start from scratch. We are a few South Africans so if there is any of you out there please support us and join :) we want to not only start a new family, but also a legacy! > Requirements 40mil might+ > Participation in guild related events required > Monster hunting is a must > Stay in kingdom and hive Please add me on WeGamers or message me ingame: K1TTYL3L3 asap. :) we want to get the ball rolling just after GF, and probably will migrate to a newly opened kingdom where the mights are lower so we can compete. Meow ❤️ #Lords Family##guildmember###Recruitment#

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