My 2nd art of Free fire

Surbhi J.

Free Fire

Well..! I have draw a bundle for free fire name Cobra ninja . This drawing takes 2 hour to complete. My drawing is not so well I know. You take this bundle from spins of diamond royal.The details of the bundle are given below

Name- Cobra ninja bundle

Brought it from store

Slogan- Burn in a snake' s anger no one will go back home alive

@A̶̶l̶̶a̶̶n̶ ᎪᏞϴΝᎬ ᏔᎪᏞᏦᎬᎡ @PRomeo? @[$$parth$$]✓® @ㄗ工K丹匚卄U【ツ】 @Momo*YT @WeGamers Team @Nocturnal @Sarah @VIɀIටN♛_✿᭄ᴇʟʏsɪᴜᴍ_¹8 @Ꭰᴬཞk͓̽۵լ⊙ཞᎠ @ALI RAZA @ᏦᎥℓℓ$ᎳᎥŤᏟh®️ @Poe @Joker

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