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Have you ever experienced having your leader captured and then gets executed? Well, i did just experienced it. I have a habit to always shelter my leader but it was this fateful night that i forgot to shelter her. And i got attacked by a lv 60 C25 player. I'm only a lv 49 C17 F2P player having a hard time training troops. (Btw, i just unlocked my royal infantry.) I was really frustrated that he was demanding 35M gold for my leader. I healed my troops using speedups to prepare for the guildfest. But the following night, he attacked me again. I did not expect this to happen since he still has my leader. I went shouting "WTF!!!" I was really mad and cussing at this guy. I know this is just a game but i can't help it. Others play this game and started to level up so fast because they have money to purchase gems. Others do it the long way like what i'm doing. But anyways, to end the story, he executed my leader yesterday. Luckily, i have ar revival fruit. And it's so sweet to have your leader back. Another lesson learned!


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