Lords Mobile Update Note [8/14]

Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile


Greetings Lords and Ladies! Our royal crew will be working on an update from [08/14/2019 02:00 - 08/14/2019 04:00 (GMT-5)]. The maintenance rewards of 600 Gems and Speed Up Training (60 m) x8 will be credited to your account once their work is done.

Summer is at full blast, and we’ve got some refreshing treats for you!

Log in daily to get free gifts, get bonus rewards from Guild Help and Guild Quests, and defeat Huey Hops in the Guild Bash for a chance to get 100,000 Gems or 100,000 Holy Stars!

# Familiar Army Talents are now available for Blackwing, Gargantua, and Bon Appeti

# New District Wonders: Baron’s Haze, Baron's Squall (Check in-game for more details)

# Added Familiar Support and 7-Day Familiar Bundle (Check Turf Boosts for more details)

# Fixed issues with some Hero skills (please update to the new version to enter Hero Stages and watch battle replays)

# The Limited Challenge returns! A new Hero requires your aid!

# Various UI adjustments

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