So... is it just me or is dynamike Amazing!!!!

Moon Goddess

Brawl Stars

Amazingly Explosive is what happened when i started playing Dynamike in duo showdowns. First game.... won, second game won, 8 games in a row in the pictures O.o. Is mike op? Or am i just having the time of my life on Mike? Hehe.

I don't know if I'm really good and I'm probably not the best but i literally level dynamike to level 15 in a hour until i stopped cause i was sleepy hehe.

I played like 50 games will say and out of those... 40 of them were 1st place... i was so shocked. One match... we killed 4 of the teams in 15- 20 secs and then the last team in another 5 secs which was most likely the fastest duo showdown match ever(wow/)

Finally, the last match in the pictures... we killed all 4 teams and then my teammate dcd i believe so he died standing there and i faced 1v2 and somehow... i won(wow/)(grin/)(wave/)

So, here's to Dynamike for giving me a explosive 40 game winning streak(party/)(cheers/)(heart/)

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