Another medal,4 more from having watcher

Death god 22

Lords Mobile

So this happened yesterday like 9 or 8 am in my place I had been in the hero stage for a while son when I came out I decided to check the hell event and boom research watcher so I quickly changed to research gear and finished my big research lvl9 cav defense worth 534k points I used like about 19days worth of speed ups to finish it then I hopped in the monster tree and finished lvl9animal hunting which gave about 170k points which cost me like 8 days worth of speed but I finished the hell event and got 2 more medals for deeproot.
So in summary I used about 27days worth of speeds ups which I still don't know how I got maybe fr gifts and cargo but the good news is I am one more step closer to getting watcher.

#watchermedals# #lords mobile# #f2p#

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