Soooooo proud! ♡

ѕσℓιєℓ ♡

Lords Mobile

I just love my guild so much! They are such a good team!
Showdown was awesome today! I know I'm using lots of exclamation Mark's Haha but I'm just so happy!!!!
We came second to a guild that was all t4. We gave them a good go...and lost but we did it with dignity and managed to advance to division 9. A few months ago any rational thinking person wouldnt have thought it possible but we have stuck together, recruited new family, turned down countless merges and it's all paid off ♡
If you're looking for an amazing guild that is growing and active and you want to be part of something special mail me :) I couldnt be prouder as r5 of SAs; come join us and you'll see what I mean :D

Sol ♡
@jawsomes @DynoKlaw @Sir Cowboy @Melanie ??? @Nikki @Mr brummy T @BluDvlKiller @BanMe @BASEL @Raf
Anyone I've missed out this includes you too ♡

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