Well 2 days back i achive another mega box .megabo

Htue Sis Nyein

Brawl Stars

#MyArt#Well 2 days back i achive another mega box .megabox is a box which will unlock at 4000 trophies or u have to spend gems on it if u wanna unlock this mega box which gives lot's of item currently there was an update in which new Brawl was unlock coz of that now megabox will unlock at 5000 trophies at 4000 u will unlock new brawl . Talking of this mega box currently its now of 49 gems in u wann buy last time when i unlock megabox at that time i got 5 gems but this time it was just 3 got 195 gold coins now but last time it was 200+ gold coins don't remember much about power points. ##Wegames Team## #Brawl Star Event# #Brawl Stars Tips# #Brawl Stars In-game Team# @WeGamers Team that's it in this post (flirt/)

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