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My name is Atraxo and I am a game page and chat moderator in WeGamers. We are a small team that regularly searches the Game Page for content and removes posts that don't fit. - Non-Player Relevant Posts - Selfie's of herself or other people - Food Photos - Unsuitable videos - Fraud and sale contributions - Unsuitable URL Links - and much more If you do not follow the rules, you risk that the post will be removed. In case of bigger offences the moderators can also temporarily mute a player. You can then no longer post on the game page. A moderator does not only remove posts but can mark them as highlights. The article must attract attention. - Good tips and tricks - Video (streams | tips and tricks | etc) - The entire content is beautifully presented. (Image | Text) - and much more In the public games chat's different players from all countries can talk to each other. Sometimes not everyone keeps to publish only game relevant content. A chat moderator can mute a player for a certain period of time or even block them completely. Which we don't like to see and are against the rules: - Sticker Spam - Messages Spam (content or emojis) - Groups Link Spam - Trading texts or articles - Insulting words and sentences - Pornographic content - and much more I hope I could help you with something about our work in WeGamers. ​@WeGamers Team #gamepagemoderator##communitymoderator##chatmoderator##wegamersteam##wegamersmoderator#

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