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So you’re pretty new to Lords Mobile and have joined a great guild, things are looking up! But now it’s time to start pitching in to help you and your guild mates grow stronger and build a better guild.

A great way to get involved is to join in on Darknest rallies.

In general, if you’re a new player to the game, being a rally captain isn’t advisable. This is because you probably haven’t got your Battle Hall leveled up to a high enough level to allow a lot of coalition troops to join your rally. Also, you may not have done enough research yet to be able to get enough info when scouting a Darknest (dn) to know exactly what is needed to defeat it. But don’t worry, you will get there soon :) in the meantime, you can still join in the fun!

If you want to rally a dn, you could always leave a message in your guild chat with the coordinates of a dn that you think would be good. Usually a more experienced player would be happy to start the rally. But it is more likely that there will be many dn rallies to join anyway.

When battling dn’s (especially level 2 and up) the rally leader would have scouted the dn to see what is needed to defeat it. It is crucial to optimize your choice of troop type (e.g. cavalry, infantry, ranged, siege) in order to be successful and allow the maximum number of members to join the rally. A general tip before joining any rally is to look in the guild chat to see what troops the rally leader needs. If nobody has requested specific troops, ask the chat what is needed. If nobody answers, the next best thing is to look at what troops the rally leader is sending and to try to copy that as closely as possible. For example, if they are sending infantry and cavalry t3 and t2, then send all the infantry and cavalry troops you have. As a last resort, you can scout the dn yourself and use the troop strength guideline (ie the little button with arrows pointing from one troop type to another to show which troops will be strong against the others) to do your best to choose the right troops.

Another good guideline as to what level troops you should send is to look at the level of the dn being rallied. My guild goes by the following rules:
Level 1 dn - level 1 troops (t1) and up
Level 2 dn - level 2 troops (t2) and up with waste troops (more on these later)
Level 3 - 5 dn - level 3 troops (t3) level 4 troops (t4) only

Waste troops are usually t1 troops. You send a couple hundred when rallying lvl2 dn’s because they will be the first troops damaged during the attack. T1 troops are faster and cheaper to heal in the infirmary than t2, so you want to make sure you always have enough so that you don’t spend a lot of resources (rss) and time healing troops after a rally. I personally keep about 1000 t1 infantry (grunt) to rally with and only heal them when I’m running out.

Be aware of the rally times!!! This one is particularly important if your guild has a few big players with big armies. The rule we use in our guild is that if the rally time is longer than an hour, DO NOT JOIN THE RALLY! This is because if a player has more troops than they can shelter, they “hide” their extra troops in a fake rally while they are away from the game (usually when they are sleeping) or don’t have a shield. Then, when they come back to the game, they will cancel the rally. So, if you join the rally, your troops will be stuck in the rally until it gets cancelled. AND...you obviously don’t get any rewards for cancelled rallies.

Another important thing is to make sure you get your rewards! Check your transmutation lab before the rally reaches the dn to clear out dn essences you don’t want it to collect ones that have been completed.
Lastly, always remember to ask questions if you’re not sure! Your guild mates and even other players in kingdom chat are always willing to help :)

Good luck and have fun!

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