(Limited Challenges) Grim Wolf: Stage 1 & 2!


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I've noticed that some people have had a little bit of trouble getting passed stage 2. Whether you pay to play or not I'm sure you can definitely give these a go.

For stage one i used Prima Donna and night Raven. I essentially used their power at any chance i could get, especially Prima Donna. The rule is you need to keep grim wolf alive, doesn't matter whether your other fighters die or not. I focused their power on the main fighters (vampire witch thing that i clearly don't know the name of) and Anaya Bonn (purple grim reaper/pirate). I used the Oakroots power to focus on the towers, as one power up is enough to wipe out a tower completely.

In stage two i used Master Chef from the other Limited Challenge, Oath Breaker and Prima Donna again. Much like the first stage I used Primas power ups as often as i could to keep Grim Wolf alive, but only when he was in red.

Good luck to everyone! Hope this helps you even just a little bit.

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