Ruin A Night In Five Words


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Lovingly built this turf of mine, Thought about and all the time, Cant stop thinking,kept strategizing, Cant stop loving,this game Im playing. Build it up,build it slow, Build in time,build in snow, Build in spring,when the siren ring, Troops were gone,resources were done. Alas!..and Im zeroed.. Then found even captured my hero, What to do,when all is gone, Where to restart or just be done. Mixed up emotions, Carried by my minds confusion, Where did I go wrong? Should I grew strong? Battle continues it rages on, One after the other, on and on, Couldnt hide,couldnt go, Couldnt escape,this madness though. Then when time, server went down, Then when time, hope my shield doesnt run down, Then when time, that attack lagged, Then when time, maintenance is up! #Pef-poetry##PinoyEliteForces##ruinanightin5words#

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