1.5 Land Layout Guide Private Beta - Phase 2


Hello everyone, Phase 2 of my Private Beta is now on my Reddit. I'm hoping to soon make it entirely private and to share it between either platform. So from the 1/7/19, the private betas will be scheduled to appear on both. So for details, here's the outline of the private betas: - Phase 1 (RC1): Reddit - Phase 2 (RC2): WeGamers (Via this profile) - Update Day: Both platforms You can view the current RC2 on the below link. Let me know how it shows for you as there were 5 changes done. Cheers, ~V1perMcKay (Admin of V1perMcKay Studios) #PrivateBeta##V1perMcKay Studios##Lords Mobile##WeGamers Community#@WeGamers Team https://www.reddit.com/r/V1perMcKay_Studios/comments/by6gbk/15_rc2_closed_beta_updated/

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