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Hi everyone,
New Limited Challenges has started today with Grim Wolf medals up for grabs!
Same as previous challenges, 6 stages who give a certain amount of medals. Complete all to receive 10 medals, enough to hire Grim Wolf in your team.
More information in graphics

*Heroes: Prima Donna and Night Raven
*Rewards: 1 medal
*Phase 1: Hit 1 pillar in the back with Grim Wolf when he gets low on hp in the beginning. Then just build up ultimates and hit the second pilar to heal if necessary
*Phase 2: All your ultimates should be focused on Petite Devil. Hitting the pilar will stun your opponents. Petite has a nasty ultimate, watch it and heal in time when it wears off.
*Phase 3: All your ultimates should be focused on Ethereal Guide. Hit the pillars to use their skills too. There's a second wave of magus. No focus needed on them. Night Raven recovers fast for his ultimates so just take them out with his skill.
*Other lineups:
Prima Donna and Black Crow
Prima Donna and Rose Knight

*Heroes: Prima Donna, Oath Keeper and Tracker
*Rewards: 1 medal
*General tips: focus ultimates on the main bosses in each stage

I will try to post my lineups each day but I will probably post a bit later than usual. No promises as I had surgery on my right shoulder and I'm recovering, yes still recovering. Slowly seeing more progress. Woohoo!
So please help eachother out when i'm not able to. Or if you have a lineup that worked for you, i will share gladly.

Good luck everyone!
Skippy (kiss/)

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