Limited Challenge: Grim Wolf


Lords Mobile

The goal of the stage is to win without losing Grim while only using two heroes of your choice. The first part of the stage hits hard up front so I went with a tank to take the heat off of Grim. Rose is a great choice since she van heal and stun (sorry foljs, she van't use her shield). Without her, try Bunny, but it will be tight. A healer is a must for the second selection. Lore can be nice because her stunning hammer helps, especially against Petite and Ethereal Guide, but since Grim can jump with his ultimate and your troops can go separate ways on the 3rd part, Prima's ability to heal everyone is better. I found Dream Witch didn't work that well because you cannot control when she heals.

I also tried a double healer team which worked, but I nearly lost Grim out of the box.

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