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Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile

Limited Challenge: Bloodlust Stage 1
BOSS: Ethereal Guide
Bot Boy, Mana Tower, Soul Tower, Blizzar Tower
Must Use Hero: Grim Wolf, Oakroot (Double!!!∑(゚Д゚ノ)ノ)
We have collected some of the user's lineup. Thanks for sharing!
Lineup 1: Prima Donna, Rose Knight
Lineup 2: Bose Knight, Child of Light
Lineup 3: Rose Knight, Incinerator
What about you? Have you got the Bloodlust medal? What’s your lineup?

Grim Wolf’s Skill:
Ultimate Skill
Feral Ambush: Leaps at a target, damaging nearby enemies in a small area.
First Active
Flesh Ripper: Slashes his claws at a nearby enemies in a small area, dealing damage 3 times. Also inflicts stun for 0.5s.
Second Active
Howl from Beyond: Lets out a ferocious howl, dealing damage to all enemies in a medium area, and restores HP for 5s.
Bloodlust: The Grim Wolf is overwhelmed with a craving for blood. Increases Life Leech.

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