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Greetings LM players, i have unlocked ALL the construction buildings to rush for t4 military. However, im a noob at this and seek guidance from those that have it done already or very experienced tact wise. Working Cav offense to 10 currently, to go down the tree for cav, then move on to archers and infantry next. So far they are all 9s for troops, seige still 8s. Bottom 3 are at 7 and im debating wether to do all offense for troops then work 8s on bottom 3 or continue with upping individual type troops based on % boosts from gear?

My cav is strongest of the bunch, then arches and infantry due to my low gear. Their output for offense are cav 140%, archers 126% and inf 111%. Cav off 10 will be done in 4 days... i do use all speed ups for this research. Research for level 10s so far for offense is 32 days after helps.. this took 5 days so far to get it too 4 days. No packs bought to speed them, just the speeds from daily gifts, solo and hells events, resets and hero stage runs.

Needlessly, im inching my way. Its been 3 weeks and there are 3 players t4 in my kingdom. My alliance are being bashed left and right, but still kickin. In the next week, 2 or 3 others will unlock t4s as well... is it truly worth it, unlocking t4s or should i take my time to gain more experience? Have a mil troops mix t1s thru 3s... but still not at my ideal method growing under a shield.

Economy will be my last to go up, just want troops to handle some attacks from t4 users.

Yeah ive placed a few questions within my statement, below ill rephrase them as im still long ways to go.

1. Is it worth unlocking t4? By maxing troops first to level 10 under military?
2. Should i get bottom 3 up to level 8 then continue evenly making all to 10?
3. What else after military and economy to unlock t4s?
4. Should i play war with the overlords memebers (300mil chinese player t4 unlocked) im 43mil not much experience but not gonna give up the fight.

Hope you can help me, want to play toe to toe with those bullies in the kingdom. I have 5 on my bucketlist (cool/)(cool/)(cool/) all higher in might.

Thanks for any reply!

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