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Lords Mobile

Gold is really essential for your growth in Lords Mobile. You need it to Train troops, forge equipment , merge pacts anything and everything……..

So how to get Gold? Here are the ways by which you can boost your gold production :

1. Farming Gold : Duh! Go on, put your gathering gear and go gerrit.

2. Manors :  After infirmaries, manors are the most important resource building you can have in your turf. Aim to have at least a production of over 30,000 per hour, six manors will take make you king of your castle with gold just refilling itself all the time. 

3. Attack castles and Ransoms 

It's a war game, go out there and light up the map, burn baby burn and get your gold honey. Capture some leaders, ask for ransom, the bigger the leader the better the ransom. Dead or unoccupied castles are an obvious way of getting more gold.

4. Familiars

I cannot overemphasise how great these are.  Take your Goblin found in pact 3, at adult he increases your gold production;take him to elder that crazy dude will soon have you dripping gold……. Don't forget Evil Weevil, four hours of resources that you didn't have to gather. 

6. Research

The familiar research tree  as well as under army leadership – gold harvesting will definetly boost your gold production.

7. Gold Production Gear

You should already be in the workshop cranking out the following pieces of gear : 

Frostwing breath, Gryphon Talon, Dwarven Toe Guard, Lighting Guard and Helmet of Conquest are your best friends. Fear Drums are great additional accessories too. 

If you have major bucks, invest in Champ gear and you get gold rush.

8. Trading Ship

The trading ship serves two purposes when it comes to your gold development. It can protect your gold from being wasted and it can also gain you large chunks of gold.

In general, I will always trade anything for gold. If I see gold available to buy on the ship I will trade in a heartbeat. Gold is worth much more than the other resources.

9. Labyrinth

I’m sure many people will disagree with me on this piece of advice, but as usual, I’m correct.

If you are about to use gems to pay for gold, take your hand and slap yourself. I would suggest gambling your gems to buy holy stars. Gold is a common reward for hitting the monster and your odds of getting a lot of gold are high. You may even win the labyrinth treasure. 

10. Other Techniques

There are other ways to get gold, but most of them will only give small batches of gold or the chances of getting anything worthwhile are too low. Here are a few more ideas :

Hunt Monsters. Some of the prizes will have gold inside.

Hero Stages and Elite Stages.

Sell gear. Don’t ever sell good gear!

Quest Rewards. This includes all resources, gold among them.

Beg your guildmates to send you gold. This is not really fair, but plenty of people do it.

VIP Quests, Admin Guilds, and Guild Quests usually have gold in them. Don’t expect to get too much.

11. Make a Hyper Farming Alt account

Just to fill up your gold storage whenever you need, make an alt account with only Manors in it. Make sure to supply it to your main account once in a while.

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