Why Monster Hunt Research is Important.


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Many times when I tell people that they should get at least level 8 & 9 all the way down in the Monster Research tree before going for T4s, they often say why should we do that; it will delay unlocking T4s.

Here is one thing to understand, that T4s are not ultimate destination but a milestone. Definitely Researching monster hunt will delay your t4s by a difference of 3-4 months in speed but also it will cover that very soon & later it's only profit.

Definitely you should get your monster Research done before chasing T4s, also because they take very long time to complete. Once you get engaged there; won't get time to do anything else real soon (until you are big p2p & got enormous amount of speed ups).

Last 3 army Researches alone takes 625+ days each (time gets reduce with your boost & help but still after all that it's around 4 months each .......... Making it ~an year to get 3 Researches done).

I am attaching few rewards that we usually get from hunts in our guild & you will understand why monster Research is equally important as military Research.
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