[Guild Fest] Encounter Labyrinth Guardian x3 Quest


Lords Mobile

This task is a bit hard and unpredictable.. I already spend all of my Holy Star but I encounter the boss only once.. (tear/)(tear/)(tear/) so I told about this in our group chat .. unexpectedly, my guild mate help me out and give me 20K Holy Star, which cost him 40K gems.. (beg/)(beg/)(beg/) I'm very thankful because of him I finished my quest.. (blush/)(blush/)(blush/) many players hates Chinese.. but actually they are so nice.. (giggle/)(giggle/)(giggle/) I've been with them for almost a year and none of them disrespect or being rude on me.. not unlike some other foreign guys messaging me "show me your B**bs" wtf? do they think I'm a whore? F*ck them!! I never received any message like that in any Chinese guy I befriended.. That's why i stay longer in my current Guild.. They know how to "RESPECT" women.. and I'm proud of them.. #Sk1-GBE##HappyGaming##FriendlyGirlGamers##Lords Mobile Comunity##Wegamer community#

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