Is it victorious beating up baby castles?


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Now I know we be smol. And ofcouse others would farm us. BUT we will try to save leaders if taken. Being online this time, I spot a raider and rallied an attack.
He kept releasing and recapturing leaders in that 10 - 15 minutes. Then called a Guild mate to 'save him' cause he needed us off him. The friend came and burned all the 3k might castles and left with him.
That's fine, all fair in war game.
But my man, came on the dip board to threaten us x'D

Like... What can you possibly get from us? We can barely produce resources. You only get 50k gold when you attack. So why threaten us? All you can do is set fire to sheltered castle and be annoying.

Do big might players like to be proud of burning tiny castles?
I mean... There is literally no challenge there.

((What does state even mean???))

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