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Lords Mobile

Guild Fest one of the most addictive Lord Mobile event where we busy for 7 days to complete our own task and help guild mates for complete his/her task asap.
And guild fest more hard if ur guild rank Expert Gauntlet or upper then Expert, so we have many more easy task like Gathering 143,152, Guild coins 138 , Help 137 , Cargo 146 , Darknest 152, Fragment 156 , Marge Pact 151 , Esse 19+ 154 ,201, and here we talk below about Gathering Lv5 tile 141,175 etc Points task.

Lv5 Gathering tile Task :

Question: if i sent my gatherers as early as now, then i will pick level 5 task later , does it count after i clear them out ?
Answer: Yes its count till Your Gathering troops return to Your truf.
Question: we use Familiar for gathering task ?
Answer: No the familiar skill not count for gathering task , we have two familiar is i know
1 Noceros 2 Gryphon.
Question: if we recall out troops at the middle and send back to the same tile it's count of not ?
Answer: For the lv5 task we need to gather a full tile from start and clear it fully , and also don't change Ur gather equipment once u start walking to the way for tile till we reach to the tile , after reach to the tile we free for change our equipment to any of our needs (cool/)(cool/).

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