Guild Fest - Bonus Tasks?!?! 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Rushi Eru

Lords Mobile

So this time, it's a total different guild fest for me. Why? (confused/)(confused/)(confused/)

Well, I just joined a guild with Master Gauntlet in gf!!! This is a good experience for me, hopefully... (dizzy/)(dizzy/)(dizzy/)

It's a total shift of culture and environment. The kingdom is crowded (as for myself) since I have been to dead kingdoms mostly. Everyone in the guild is titan!!! (hundreds of millions in might and some are even kills!). I'm just a tiny little dwarf in that guild lmao! (giggle/)(giggle/)(giggle/)(snicker/)(snicker/)(snicker/)

Going back to the topic, of course as every guild does, they have a required points you need to meet. Honestly, the requirement is too high for me considering my situation. And here comes the life-saver. In Master Gauntlet, they have this called "Bonus Task". There are 3 choices of tasks you can pick to get bonus points in addition to your actual quests. So here's mine. Those 3 task choices differ per player. I think mine is a bit easy, just a time constraint. (Of course I'll pick that 1 since I don't wanna gamble with random quests in a Master Gauntlet OMGGGG! Noooooo wayyyyyyy. (dizzy/)(dizzy/)(dizzy/) And 3rd is definitely impossible at my level lol! (excited/)(excited/)(excited/))

Luckily, I was able to complete it and got bonus points! Yattaaaaa! (jump/)(jump/)(jump/)

Let's see though after gf if I can meet the required points lmao! (grin/)(grin/)(grin/)

Well, that's all for today. I seldom posts now 'cause a bit busy with work. Hayst. But anyway, happy gaming always guys! See you on my next post lol (flirt/)(flirt/)(flirt/)


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