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Yup, now only guild bash is real for lords mobile players. I did 178k points, will do more at least with monster hunting. We are close to get all Crest to summon 6 arctic flipper.

I want to talk a little about completing guild bash easily. Most guilds I was before didn't set a requirement for guild bash. But they all appreciated those who does their best. I am in a heavy spender guild now, though I am a f2p player. They set a 50k points requirement for all members.

Try to rally dn as much as you can in early hours. It will give you easy points. If you are small player do only lv 1 rally, and tell all big players to join. 40k rally of my 1m might alt was able to defeat 500k or 700k darknests..

Arrange monster hunting hour, you can set easy rule like kill 8 lv 1 or 2x lv 2 monster. In our hunting hour, We killed monsters as higher level as possible. I didn't killed any, just helped finishing a lv 4 ?

Also, send guild mail for each watcher hell and easy hell event with lower point. Most guilds have some p2p and serious players, if they get notified they can score with hell events..

By doing these we are close to finish points requirement in gb.

How are you all doing in guild bash? What other things you do for guild bash?? Share with me.. Also any additional info is welcomed..
Happy gaming (smile/)(cool/)
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