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Hello guys today i came up with new question why Awm is killer???? (confused/)(confused/)

Why Awm is best sniper???


Awm stands for Arctic warfare magnum. It is the most powerful gun in pubg. Deals with 120 damage means one shot kill for head even you wear lvl 3 helmet only the full lvl 3 armor has a chance to survive. Uses a special bullets called . 300mm magnum. Supports all types of scopes. It is a bolt action that's why takes a time to reload rounds. Awm has the longest range in pubg. Its magazines holds 5 bullets which we can extend to 7 with the help of extender.

Main points

~ only found or can be looted from supply drops.

~ like other snipers not available in maps.

~ one shot kill even in lvl 3 helmet.

Best Attachments for Awm

1. Suppressor

Awm supports sniper suppressor it helps in silent firing. Means minus the sound of fire. Helps a player to hit hiddenly because no one knows from where bullets are coming.

2. Cheek pad

Cheek pad of sniper rifles mainly helps in two things :-

a. Reduces recoil

b. Reduces weapon shake

3. Scopes

The best scope for Awm is 8x scope. It multiplies the view range by 8 means your field view multiplied by 8. Supports only the sniper rifles.

4. Quickdraw Extended Mag

Quickdraw Extended Mag increases the magazine capacity and reload speed of a sniper rifle. Means more ammo space with more faster speed. Upgrades the weapon to next level.

These are the best attachments for Awm.

Personal TIP

~ Because it's a bolt action so whenever u hit or knock a person immediately spray with your Ar or smg whichever you use.

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