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Thought I'd post on Monster Hunting and information for those out there who may be interested. Not an expert myself but know at least something. Here is a link to official IGG drop rates: Official Drop Rates

How exactly do these rates work and do your rates drop by attacking lower level monsters?

No rates do not drop by attacking lower level monsters. For example using speed ups as an example. Level 1 monster hunt speed ups drop at a rate of 5.17% and Level 2 monster hunt speed ups drop rate is 5.15%.

Monster hunt 1 droo rates

Monster Hunt 2 drop rates

Even if your guild attacked level 1 monsters this rate doesn't drop as it's a fixed rate. So any claim that the rates will drop is a myth. They only drop in the sense that instead of getting the drops of a level 2 you'll get a level 1 drop (so anything excluded in 1 that 2 has you will not receive).

Now how about drop rates themselves, wouldn't the above mean Level 1 monster hunting is better for speed ups since it drops a .02% more than Level 2?

Again the answer is no, not necessarily.

Because the difference between 1 and 2 isn't merely in their rates but what they contain. For example you have a 5.17% chance of getting a 1 minute-1 hr speed up however with level 2 you have a rate of 5.15% of getting a 1 minute-3 hr speed up. Notice level 1 monster hunting does not give you a 3 hr speed up.

What's the percentage of getting say a 3 hr speed up vs a 1 minute speed up? There is no difference. Once you hit the 5.15% you are just as likely to get any speed up available for that monster hunting level that is available. The above is what I learnt from long talks with IGG.

Here is a link that will help you know what level drops what items and additional information: Monster hunt additional info

How about Gift Level? What exactly does it do? One myth I want to debunk right now is how important Guild Gift level is. All a Gift level does is give you a better bonus chest once you hit 2 million keys that's all! The only other thing it's good for is recruiting people who don't know this by giving the impression it's that important (that's a sneaky reason why I want a higher gift level more to be honest (cool/)).

If you are looking for a guild gift level shouldn't be something of big importance to you and guilds with low gift level should make sure this is known. One might say it tells the activeness of the guild, not necessarily however. Some aquire a good gift level guild, others start a new guild from scratch but are very active. Be wary when one of the biggest points one makes is on the high gift level.What about the chests on the right? These have nothing to do with gift level but are obtained via monster hunting and buying packs.

Here's a link to a good video on this:

Guild Gifts Explained & Why Level Really Doesn't Matter

Some mistakenly think bonus chests come from gift level this is yet another myth consider it now debunked. I say this because I seen some comment on the video about bonus chests.

I spent hrs talking to IGG to be sure on these things. So if this helped you please share. Let's debunk some myths and get real information out there. If this helped you at all don't forget to like, share and throw some kudos here or there, later! (flirt/)

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