The guns I have in COD ( CALL OF DUTY )
I have unlocked this many guns .
#sniper _ (1)- DL Q33 - A bolt sniper with is awesome
_(2)- M21 EBR semi auto sniper( lol I haven't played yet .
# short gun _(1) BY 15 awesome Short gun in which I got awesome skin ,
#SMG( sub machine gun ) AKS 74U silent killer #AR (assault rifle ) _(1) M4 The gun you got from beginning good gun stable almost all in one .
_(2) Ak47 my favorite as you see in photo Amazing at damage ( lol just one thing you fell while using AK is that you are bad guy)
Last but not least
#Machine gun _(1) RPD the gun with 100 bullets
Lol you don't need to reload
Thanks for your support and love ❤️?

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