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myself and guild love to have fun...our chat is crazy and full of banter Haha! We love to work as a team and get things done. But in saying that we all have a general consensus that although lords mobile is a war game we must play with dignity and when all is said and done behind every castle is a person ♡ these are unspoken rules but we all feel strongly about them!

Some of our principles (much like most guilds) are:
* never hit wooden castles
* never steal tiles or monsters
* always finish tiles and monsters so that better ones can respawn for not just our guild but the guilds around us.

So yesterday as a quest for guild fest I had to clear 5 level 5 tiles... it's a quest worth good points and I have to say although I was a little dubious of it, it was one of the most fun guildfest tasks ever! ^.^
If you ever wish to try this quest please make sure you have a lot of winged boots! If you didn't know, lvl5 tiles can only be found at the base and to get them is very competitive as there aren't many! off I went armed with ALOT of winged boots ( that I won from elite labyrinth) to sit at base (in amongst the ruling guild [Des] hive to wait for lvl 5 tiles and complete my quest!

All of a sudden a new tile pops up! Off I rush (winged boots activated) along with a player from [Des] and ofcourse I got the tile being prepared as I was #Lord Stealing Moment#.
Next thing you know i get an angry mail off the player so as i had procured all the tiles i needed i posted them coords of the next level 5 tile to make it up to them.
But guess what!? They gave me the scoundrel title to teach me a lesson Haha! Not that it bothered me...why would I need army attack when I'm stuck gathering a lvl5 tile for 5 hours and shielded Haha!?

A little while later the current overlord regent offers titles in kingdom I told him he had hurt my feelings and I think he should make it up to me...and he did by giving me chief :D @Lucas [Des] brought the fun again! I love it lol so much KC banter! Keep it up! =D

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