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To be very straightforward..,....never, never , never ever and almost never send grey heroes or green heroes to battle . I repeat again, never. Why so? Because they give u equal to no stats .....trust me a gold trickster is better than a green army hero..... at least he will do 200% squad damage. I've seen soo many players, some with 100 million plus might sending green heroes and that's why I ate their whole marches...... I'm not a trap not a money spender but still I took them......why? Because of heroes . Even in guild showdown u should never send blue heroes untill u have no other option Trust me on this one.....never send green or blue heroes too .... A blue single troop hero is better than a blue army hero according to me..... Always max your heroes According to your account requirements Like if you are having more range, have range heroes maxed out first, like this But never send heroes which are blue or less than grade blue

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