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So in the past week or so I have received an overwhelming amount of messages from men, well I think anyway🤷🏻‍♀️, all asking me the same thing. Am I married? How old am I? How many kids do I have? Where am I from? From there it usually goes south and they get sexual. When did this become a hook-up site? I’m not interested in any of that. I joined WeGamers to make friends, learn new things about gaming, and earn some points. So to clear things up, here are your answers: YES I am married, happily. I’m old enough, don’t ever ask a lady her age🙄 I am a mother of 5 kiddos. I’m from the USA. YES Let’s be friends, the more the merrier, but I will not put up with perverts who thinks it’s ok to send nasty pictures and messages anymore. This is not the place. Go to tinder. Happy Friday all and happy gaming 🎮😊🌟

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