My OMG Moments 😆

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I've had a few OMG moment's here on Lords. Many of course are the great drops ive gotten from chests and my Trickstar familiar. When I've gotten over 100k stars from fortune chests (party/) and when I kept getting 10k stars in a row from Trickstar (jump/) and when I finally got a Epic mane from champ chests. All of these moments just had me pausing for a second to be sure it's real then thinking OMG!! They're all amazing (heart/)

My number 1 moment is probably when I finally got T4 unlocked after playing for a year and a half (cute/) it's an amazing feeling to accomplish that and a giant OMG moment.

Other moments such as when my fam helped me finish Chaos hell event. Seeing so many from my family work together was just amazing and was a huge OMG moment(kiss/)(salute/) I love you B"S

Lastly the not so good OMG moment, I fell asleep without redoing shield (dizzy/)(whine/) I came online just as someone was scouting me and managed to survive the night without getting attacked! Even bigger was maintenance (sweat/) Normally I go to bed around 11pm but maintenance started at 10pm, it was one of those extended ones too that lasted until 2am! I was very very tired and managed to stay up until 1:50am but my eyes couldn't stay open (tear/) I came on to an empty castle but someone from our fam guild rescued my leader (heart/) thanks Min! These were my not so good OMG moments (tantrum/)

The good OMG moments are definitely my favorites (giggle/) I can stand to go without any more of the bad. But these are the moments that show me why I love LM so much (hug/)(kiss/)

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