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So earlier I was thinking, "what if IGG added more items to the game?" And not like just little things. I mean game changing features. Like monster summoners, something to make your troops invisible while invading an enemy castle, something that maybe makes your complete castle invisible, etc. So I figured I'd share. Here are my top 5 favorite ideas: 1) Name: Cloud in a Bottle Cost: 5,000 gems/Winning top in certain events/$5 packs Description: Hides your invading troops to send a sneak attack to your enemies! Meaning: When your troops are marching to invade, they appear invisible. It shows no marching line, no troops, and doesn't show a red screen for the enemy being invaded. 2) Name: Monster Summoner Cost: 10,000 gems/Winning Events/$20 packs Description: Summons any type and level monster! Meaning: Summon one of any monster and it can be any level (1-5) 3) Name: Invisible Camo Cost: 20,000 gems/$20 packs Description: Turns your entire castle completely invisible for 24 hours. Wears off if in fury. Acts as a shield. Meaning: Has the same properties as a shield does, but it completely hides your turf 4)Name: Guild Boosts Cost: 500 gems Description: Functions the same as Kingdom Boosts. Boosts Training, Research, or Construction for 1 hour. Meaning: Functions just like Kingdom Boosts 5) Name: Pets Cost: Earned through events/new levels Description: You can use 1 per battle/defense. Functions similar to heros as it boosts troops in combat and fights as well. These would be like familiars except that they participate in battles. Could be dragons or other big animals. Meaning: Would either be set with the wall with heros or set in battle and will boost troops/wall/resource production @WeGamers Team #IGGgamer# #Ilovelordsmobile# #Concept#

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