19m vs NOA family rally 580k EAt??

️♡♡KID TRAP♡♡⚕️

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Yesterday I visit NOA family hive randomly(jump/)(jump/)(jump/)... They are awesome family(rose/)(rose/)(rose/) I really like that all members nice and visit his Guild once you saw his Guild members name "NoA Mommy(snicker/), Daddy(yell/), brother(smile/), sister(giggle/), nephew(grin/), uncle(rage/) ,aunt(angel/),kid(salute/) bla blah bla ... For trapping i stolen his monsters... After that's family daddy start rally on (salute/)(salute/)19m account:) he wanna cookies for all family .. saw reports what happened@Jema @❇️Count❇️ @WrigleysOwn @Roo Roo @Wootangslady @Angel @Valda1969 @prince4rever @WeGamers Team @S₳ℬℬⅈℝ.࿐ @????RAVIKESH.G???? #KID TRAP###babytrap##Lordmobiles#

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