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Ultraman was part of my childhood. My first contact in the early 80's with tokusatsu / kaiju genre, which have followed me all my "otaku" life, with my love also for robots anime. So, despite the fact that I haven't watched anything related with Ultraman franchise in years, I thought it would be great to watch the Netflix's anime which is a direct sequel of the original series, and that also, bring others characters from the franchise, as UltraSeven and Ultraman Ace.

The anime.

Based on Ultraman manga, by the same creators of Linebarrels of Iron (Eiichi Shimizu x Tomohiro Shimoguchi, the anime has 13 episodes by Production I.G. And I need to say I will give it a mixed review, because I had much fun with several points of the series, but also, a few things that I didn't liked at all.

The manga.

Let's start saying, this is a story about to inherit the Ultraman Factor to a new generation. Considering the fact that 40 years have happened since Ultraman disapeared from Earth. Shinjiro, one of the 3 main characters of the story, is the son of Shin Hayata. So, he finds himself involved in the Human agains Aliens fight in just one day, after discover he has some sort of powers due the symbiotic relationship / merge between Hayata (father) and Ultraman, before he was born. After that, the revelations about the SSSP still active unther the Ultraman's Museum facade, for me it was all about nostalgia and I got hooked to the series.

Since is not my intention to make a review with spoilers, I will try to summarize what I liked and what not.

The good:
-The fights. Super fluid and nicely done. Not sure if they did motion capture for this, but it feels like you were already watching a well choreographed Tokusatsu series in live-action.
-The sense of scale. Even if in this anime Ultraman doesn't grow to building size, you still can see how big are the Aliens and to me that's important when you are giving me kaiju. I don't want tiny monsters XDDD
-The "Ultramen". The inclusion of other Ultra of the franchise was great and gave the show a good variety of characters. Not only Shinjiro's journey to become the new Ultraman.

Shinjiro, Moroboshi, Seiji.

The bad:
-Teenage drama. Some moments the serie feels like young boy in high school not knowing what to do with his life. And at some point, Shinjiro even was a little bit "Shinjiesque" (from Evangelion, if you don't have much culture about this). I mean, he loves to be the new Ultraman, but he just want to be like a PR Ultraman instead a fighter. To be honest, Dan Moroboshi is way more interesting than Shinjiro as lead character. Not going even to mention the ridiculous romantic plot.
-The real enemies. Basically until last 2 episodes you learn the guy you thought it was the bad guy, is not... and there is a whole new group of enemies for the last episode. So, it feels extremely rushed because it's related with Seiji Hokuto's plot and this little guy was only introduced on Episode 9.

The ugly.
-I don't know if there will be a 2nd season...

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