T4 research is on the way!


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I am almost researching for t4. It was not easy to come all this way. There are times that i want to give up this game for a reason that i got zeroed or those guilds i have been to were being disbanded or something. So much time and effort invested in this game not just me but to those who have t4s or close to researching t4. It is a matter of patience. So cheers to those who stood by.

Moreover, i really feel bad when I cant join or take part in times when someone get rallied or just an event because I do not t4. So having t4 which is coming soon,hopefully, would be my BIGGEST achievement as a gamer. And i would really show what a gay-ish cry looked and sounded like to all the *** here. Like omg *** i am coming for you. Ooops sorry i got carried away i was just so emotional.

Cheers to me and to all who feels the same way as me!

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