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Dead lord Mobile comunity.. So i writing to tell you how disapointed i am. As a player that want to grow and be huge lord one day and to reach that goal its clear to everyone that have to make some spending. That aint going to happen for any f2p player. However i accepted that fact and keep playing my fav game.. But since you want from me 100$ for champion pack and im ready to give it despite after calculation i can spend that money for much more usefull things.. I still keep giving you more than you deserve in my eyes. I cannot open 350 champion box and get 1 rare crimson... In my eyes that is pure joke with everyone that choose to give you his Cash. I love the game and spending with pleasure sometimes but when you give me 1 rare crimson out of 350box im not happy at all.. Please work on that part. Not everyone is super rich to not care... You litteraly not give the chance for small budget players like me to reach the dream. Im sure many more not happy about these drop rates. Everything else going well for now. But these drop rates need be fixed and improove quite a bit.Would love to read more opinion about this. Please comment yours

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