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When selecting a team for battle in raids, dont go for just a pure one type only team and instead choose a balance team. Here are a few tips to help selecting the right pokemon for a raid. 1. Make sure that you know which pokemon type it is or if it has a duel type. 2. Select a team that can balance each other out, if your doing a charizard raid then choose a team that has water, electric, rock types and choose the team that has that type since charizard is a fire/flying type. 3. Make sure to have the right amount of people to do specific raids cause you don't want to go in with only 2 people on a lvl 4 raid battle as well as make sure each member of the raid group have type advantages against that pokemon. 4. DODGE!!! Dodging is by far an under rated fact in battles. If your able to dodge an attack then your likely able to survive longer with each member of your team instead of having to run through the entire battle using all 6 pokemon. Follow these tips and you can very well take down a raid pokemon faster and be better prepared for the worst.

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