Few worst moments in Lord's Mobile and WG

Mohit Soni

Lords Mobile

*we got 1 or 2 point from check in.....like ladies luck smiled at me I got ? or 90+ points but there should be ladies f**k crush me I got 1..2 or 3 points
*Got 1 or 2 point from points pack
*Got fragment in kingdom tycoon
*Got speed up 10 min or 15 min healing from hitting monster with holy stars.... ?
*Your tile got hited just before returning....
* Server or network error when you know your shield about to expire or it was expired
*You are off shield and notification ....that castle scouted and you starts game and enemies troops returning from your castle(cry/)(cry/)(cry/)(cry/)(cry/)#lords Mobile#@RedElin @Kowchee @WeGamers Team @Satria @Aline LACERDA @ZEN 禅 @Eilnoee @Fenakee @Jennifer @Alex ##kingdomtycoon #lordsmobile#

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