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Hello everyone. So once again. I am already posted this at the moment when i realised..our everyday in our kingdom has changed.Belive or not, at that moment i was thinking about, which omg moment i should share.
I don't know if i should be disappointed, excited or i could say.."oh my god" Why disappointed? What could you do? 365days shield up.
Why excited? After Jokers you have celebs in your kingdom!And literally. Why after Jokers? If someone met any badass Joker guild once, they will know. (Psst..apocalypse)
Bit true, when i saw the flashing third tab, and checked it. I could only say, oh my god!!! And started to laugh. Top 55players are over 1bill. The rank 1 is AA Don himself! The top 20guilds are over 20bill, the rank 1 is 101bill. Shall i continue? Nah..rather..decide by yourself what you could say.
Cheers, and have a nice day.

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