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Good morning gamers... Happy midweek to you all!

Sorry to my followers for not written anything new recently due to unforeseen

Real life circumstances... However here’s a topic for you all ... let’s get into it ... Today will be about difficulties...

Below is a post to give you all an idea of the things you struggle with not just in Lords Mobile Game but in all games ... Now we often think about difficult games and yes indeed LM is a difficult game to play if you are a F2P player and new to the gaming server...

What you need to know is that when you decided to play a war game be prepared to be zeroed at least once maybe in the starting of your game or mid way of your game ... It’s ok to be sad and angry during that period cause it took you time and effort ... but at the end of the day it’s a war game.


set a goal maybe to have a good research Might. It’s very important that you do your research especially your military research.


When it comes to war you need a good set of gears can’t go to war hope to win with no gear lol (do not worry about troops) your gear is most important get a decent set of gears if you are a F2P PLAYER hunting should be your best friend you get some forging pieces and also guild gift box does give nice goodies.

•Suddenly A Different Feature while Trying to Complete The current One•

Game developers always seeks to improve the quality of their game to keep gamers motivated happy and interested a game such as LM always need new adventure and change of pace for most big players this also gives fresh taste to the gamers and helps develop and grow their gaming skills

What you need to do is focus on your goal and task at hand enjoy your game and don’t stress relax and play with your team mates

~My conclusion~ playing LM.CC. EB has made me realise and appreciate a lot of things ... These games maybe annoying... frustrating at times ... and difficult... But it does help to understand certain challenges we may encounter from other gamers in the future...

{What Your Biggest Challenge You've Ever Had To Deal With In Your game??}
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