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#NewIGN# To me, I think Crow's name should be Crowe. Why? Here is my answer. Rico's early name was Ricochet. And so does Pam's name, which was Mama J before. Their names were not a person's name, but instead an adjective and a nickname respectively instead of real names. Supercell then changed their name, from Ricochet to Rico, and from Mama J to Pam. They changed their names to a real person's name to make the game naming more logical, and to follow one of the "Brawl Stars rule", that Brawlers' name should be based on something/a pun (apparently Jessie broke this rule). Ricochet's name has been changed to Rico because apparently there was a person's name in the name Ricochet (RICOchet), and Mama J to Pam, cause Pam seems to be a pun to what she is, (a Paramedic) or because of her weapon (she sPAMs bolts out of it). In conclusion, Crow's name should be changed to Crowe instead, because 1) The name Crow is way too obvious for the brawler, and 2) So that Crow's name follow the "Brawl Stars rule" in which the brawlers' name is based on a pun or what they're based on, since Crow is a person's name.

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