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With MR up to 18 kingdoms, with the most recent one (K13) opening up a few days ago, and K18 set to open in less than 75 days, it is worth talking about migration. Players migrate for a variety of reasons: to move with their guild, to join other friends in other kingdoms, or simply to explore other kingdoms. Whatever your reasons, a little bit of planning can go a long way in making the transition to a new kingdom easier.

One of the first things you need is a migration garnet (pictured below). As you can see, you’ll need well over a million guild coins to purchase it. If it looks like you’ll be one of the top 30 or so players in the new kingdom you’re trying to migrate to, you’ll need about 5-7 migration garnets. I can see the logic here. Mobile Royale probably does not want relatively new players and kingdoms to be raw meat for more established players on the top end from other kingdoms. Needless to say, to accumulate those many guild coins, you’ll have to have been in a somewhat active guild in your current kingdom.

Once you’ve decided to migrate to a new kingdom, it is worth asking around for new guilds to join in your prospective kingdom. Just in case, I would also suggest you have a second migration garnet handy if that’s possible. This would be helpful if you find out that you really do not like the new kingdom you’re in. It’s worth asking around about the rules of the kingdom to avoid this situation to see how good a fit it is for you but you still never know if you’ll like the kingdom until you get there.

Once you have found a new kingdom and settled into a guild, it is important that you keep all the lines of communication open with your new guild. That might involve using WeGamers, Line, or whatever app they might use to keep in touch.

Regardless of your reasons for migrating, I hope it is a pleasant journey for you as you explore different facets of the game with different groups of players. Each kingdom has its own culture and rules and it behooves you to be familiar with them before you migrate. Happy hunting and hope you continue to enjoy MR!


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