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It's almost the day when the familiar guides of mine has an update. My own website (V1perMcKay Studios) is making a switch from the Wix website that I used to have into a Reddit community which it's currently taking shape atm for it's opening tomorrow at 3PM AEST where it'll be switched over from being Private (Invite Only) to Open. This move was due to the lack of visitors and contributions for the Lords Mobile Moments which all videos were due by the 31st of this month. My Familiar Encyclopedia on Reddit is still under works as the wiki however still incomplete atm. Still need more contributors in order to make the encyclopedia become much informative as possible to everyone as the ground work is done, just need to table everything and format it to the way it's can be easily read from viewers. The familiar guide update is set to be automatically posted so it'll be on there first as I'll be out on election day in my area making my vote count so expect no later than 5PM AEST for it to be posted here. Remember, the more followers to my profile, the more things I can do for everyone like giveaways and maybe a WeGamers Stream may follow. #WeGamers Community##V1perMcKay Studios##Lords Mobile##Familiar Guides##GuideUpdateDay#@WeGamers Team

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