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Hi all,I know many think that having alts is just a pain to have or having multiple accounts is to hard to maintain when your main account needs your attention for what seems like 24/7 hrs of the day.well I can assure that having alts is not as hard as you think.

bare with me guys while I explain,because of you maintaining your main for all this time,by this time you should know how to build a new account pretty fast considering,
1 - you will know what you did wrong on you first account and there for should be able to rectify what mistakes where made.
2 - you should know what to choose as in upgrades,research,troops,crafting,familiars to help speed things up considerably compared to your first account.
3 - it's a no brainier your new account will be at least twice as fast to upgrade than your first knowing what you know now.

many of the more established players like me already know why alts are good.
I Maintain 7 accounts which by no means is easy but if you think I have to many accounts I know some with 10 or more accounts lol and here are some of the main reasons why we use multiple accounts.
1 - hyper farms....food/stone/wood/ore/gold yes one of the main reasons I use alt accounts is so I have enough rss to keep 2 main accounts going since combined the total amount of resources needed for two mains adds up to billions.
2 - rally filling your own darknest runs when there's hardly a member on,I can't emphazise how much times that has happened to me and I'm sure many have had the same problem but when you have multi accounts haha there are no problems anymore.
3 - guild bank/personal bank.im sure you all know almost every guild has a bank or even a couple to help when your guild goes for wonders/base or general attacks on other guilds or for those members opening t4 and need help with rss on their last few researches.
4 - migration or Infiltration of other kingdoms or guilds.many of us do this and I bet you know at least one that does this in your kingdom.this is a great way to check out other kingdoms and generally scout through kingdoms that you think could benefit your guild.

but the main reason why I use alts is for this which is tyed to hyper farming.

one thing I hate is useing packs from my resources held in my bag so I use alts as discribed further back for hyper farms.packs I use for training and hyper I use to start lvl 10 research which honestly cost in the 100mills per rss on man of the big ones.

Now you know a few of the reasons why alts are good in the long run and as always I hope this can help you decide wether or not you want to try another account.
as always good luck in your endevours.keep safe and enjoy the game.
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