🚩 Too Close To VIP 14 🚩

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Lords Mobile

It's been a year and four months since i started playing Lords Mobile. I never thought i would ever reach to VIP 14. It's like a dream that came true. I'm too close to VIP 14 (cute/) just need 1100 points. It means Two more consecutive logins
or perhaps my Harpy helps me with 5K points suddenly(silly/)
Harpy helped me alot. Gave me 5k points many times. She's elder familiar and her skill is level 8 that gives me 2 VIP points items after every a day and 10 hours.(giggle/)

I never used points from bag as I knew VIP 14 is too far and when I did I was shocked . I only needed 47k points for VIP 14. now the day is too close. (beg/)(beg/)
not long ago i enhanced my watcher to golden grade and now VIP 14.(snicker/) Good Days.

Thank you.
(heart/)All The Love(heart/)

@WeGamers Team @P art H #Wegamers Community##lordsMobile#

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